July 8th

10-2:30 pm EST

Online Conference
& Expo

Sponsored by Global SMT & Packaging

What to Expect

The Online Conference & Expo will provide the same immersive experience you are used to experiencing at trade shows and conferences with videos of real equipment, interviews and face to face meetings with real people.

The expo will showcase some of latest, new innovative products, materials and services to assist EMS manufacturers improve their processes, improve yield, reliability and traceability and save cost.

Visitor Experience

After registration, visitors can visit the event during the opening hours on July 8th and can visit any booth, simply by clicking on their booth area. This will open the booth on its own dedicated page comprising the pre-prepared video interview, company logo, graphics and links to spec sheets.

There will also be names, images and links to the key booth personnel. If they press on these links, it will take them to a Meeting Room, where they can video conference with the exhibitor.

Visitors can also pre-arrange meetings with exhibitors.

In between meetings and booth visits, visitors can attend the free conference, which will be running on the video player in the center of the Show Floor throughout the day and will be recorded and repeated each day till October 8th.

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We have a packed schedule with great interviews and panel discussions with leading industry players.

Register today and don’t miss out.


Show opens and welcome introduction
Trevor Galbraith


Keynote Speech: Business Outlook - Global Electronics Industry
Walt Custer


Cleaning for Reliability must Factor in the Reductions in Component Sizes
Mike Bixenman Ph.D.


Solder Paste Fitness Monitoring
Denis Barbini Ph.D.


New technology for MIRTEC at IPC APEX EXPO 2019
Brian D'Amico


3D and 2D Inspection and Metrology Systems for AOI, SPI, AOM and CMM
Sy Creed


The global launch of TOOLMAKER unique board support system
Charles Moncavage


Hanwha Precision Machinery - Smart Factory Solutions
Jonny Nichols


The latest product additions to Bentec's global distribution portfolio
David Bennett


Lernher Jetting valves for solder paste deposition
David Bennett


The new DECAN S1 Chipshooter
Jonny Nichols


Disruptive technology to build SMT tooling in-house on-demand
Charles Moncavage


New wafer inspection technology for 5G and AI2 Composite Model Technology
Sy Creed


The Future of SMT Inspection
Brian D'Amico


The market introduction of the Vision Mark-I solder paste analyzer
Denis Barbini Ph.D.


The new E5631 Stencil Cleaner and Under Stencil Wipe
Tom Forsythe


Show Closes